Dr. Kristal Lau

Dr Kristal Lau [MPH, MBBS, BMedSc (Hons)] is a leading postpartum wellness consultant, a modern confinement and postnatal retreat specialist, an ex-physician, and founder of Bridges In Health

Her mission is to revolutionise postpartum wellness for modern mothers and their families through holistic postpartum wellness experiences that bridge modern healthcare and science with personal lifestyles and cultural practices. 

She is also the author of ‘Postpartum 30’ – a book to help mothers and their families adapt the Chinese postpartum confinement practice (zuo yue zi) for childbirth recovery to their lives in the West.

Dr Lau received her MBBS medical degree from Australia. She gained a Biomedical Science (Honours) degree after completing an extra year in stem cell research. She furthered her education with a Master of Public Health from USA, majoring in Health Care Organization and Policy. She is also a certified European Lifestyle Medicine (ELMO) Health Advisor.

Dr Lau is originally from Malaysia where she grew up using basic traditional Chinese medicine principles and herbs in her daily life. She also followed the confinement practice after birthing her two children. 

Since publishing her book, Dr Lau is recognised as the go-to expert for bridging the confinement practice with modern postpartum care. She is sought after in consulting on the development of postnatal retreats and postpartum wellness programs in the West. She also hosts The Postpartum Wellness Show on YouTube and podcasts.