Dr. Yifan Yang

Yifan Yang studied Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Beijing from 1977 to 1982. She then worked as a doctor and TCM teacher and received a Master's degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine. She has been practicing and teaching in Holland since 1990.

Yifan Yang is the author of the following books: "The Aftercare of COVID-19
Infection: Herbs Acupuncture Nutrition Massage Exercise" 2021), "Chinese Herbal Medicine - Comparisons and Characteristics" (2002/2010), "Chinese Herbal Formulas - Treatment Principles and Composition Strategies" (2010) and co-author of "The Treatment of Pain with Chinese Herbs and Acupuncture" (2002).

In 2013, Yifan Yang received the highest Chinese award for clinical TCM, equivalent to the title of senior specialist and professor of TCM.