Blood in Women’s Physiology / The TCM Treatment of PMS

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Blood in Women’s Physiology According to TCM: How to Select the Appropriate Herbs, Acupuncture Points and Diet According to a Woman’s Age

Blood has a special role in women’s physiology outside of menstruation, pregnancy and breast feeding. It is said “A woman’s life depends particularly on blood.” From the age of 7 to 49, every 7 years, the Kidney-Qi changes in women, thus blood changes with it, and women’s physiology and pathology change too.

In this lecture, the changes in women’s physiology and pathology with age are analyzed and a series of herbs, acupuncture points and dietary advice are discussed in detail to meet these changes. This will help practitioners select the appropriate treatment according to a woman’s age to increase the therapeutic effect.

This lecture will cover focus on treatment using the following therapies: Chinese herbal medicine 70 %,  acupuncture 10 % and dietary advice 20 %.

The Treatment of Pre-Menstrual Syndrome With TCM

Pre-menstrual syndrome can affect women for days or even weeks before menstruation. The symptoms vary from headache and weight changes to mood swings and insomnia. PMS interferes in many aspects of daily life such as work and studying, but also in simply enjoying everyday life.

In this lecture, Dr. Yang will analyze the pathology behind PMS and explain the symptoms and signs. Furthermore, she will introduce effective treatment methods, including Chinese herbs, acupuncture, diet and lifestyle advice. She will also build on the knowledge from the previous lecture Blood in Women’s Physiology to give tips in the treatment according to a women’s age.

This lecture will cover focus on treatment using the following therapies: Chinese herbal medicine 60%, acupuncture 20% and dietary advice 10%.

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Prerequisites: TCM training in herbal medicine and acupuncture
Dates: Please note the dates have changed:
Blood in Women's Physiology: Friday, February 17th, 17:00 - 19:00
Premenstrual Syndrome: Saturday, February 18th, 10:00 - 12:30
Note: This is a live online webinar only. A recording will be available for one month after the date of the webinar for participants to review. It will not be available after that.
Times: 10-12:00 / 13:00-16:00 CET

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