Hunyuan Medicine: Theory, Herbs and Emotional Healing

Hunyuan Medicine:Theory, Herbs and Emotional Healing

In this enticing series of lectures, Dr Yaron Seidman will introduce and explain Hunyuan Medicine and its theorya nd practical applications of herbs and heart healing. Hunyuan medicine is a 30 year distillation of Fire Spirit herbal medicine (Shang Han Lun branch) and Huai Xuan emotional healing. In the late 19th century, Zheng Qinan, a Fire Spirit founder and a celebrated herbalist, was himself a disciple of the Huai Xuan school.

Following decades of research and practice, Dr. Seidman himself became a disciple of the Huai Xuan school and created the Hunyuan system of classical Chinese medicine, combining Fire Spirit and Huai Xuan into a highly effective treatment method.

Hunyuan Medicine is a modern interpretation of ancient Chinese medicine and philosophy. Hunyuan means origin of life and is a way to understand life. From this comes the understanding of disease and the ability to make the correct decisions regarding treatment. The study of these basic topics brings an incredible simplicity and facilitates the understanding of TCM which is often very complex.

In this 8-class introduction course Dr Seidman will cover Hunyuan foundation theory, diagnosis, herbal application and the initial steps of Huai Xuan emotional healing.

Instructor: Dr. Yaron Seidman
Course language:
Prerequisites: Basic training in TCM
Length: The length of each recording varies but most are 75-90 minutes on average.

Please note:
Participants will have access to the recordings for one year after purchase. In order to receive a certificate for attending this course you will be required to pass a short multiple-choice quiz.


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Hunyuan Medicine: Theory, Herbs and Emotional Healing

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